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Payne says institutional racism is real

Dear Editor,   The healthcare community (doctors, therapists, etc.) who deal with conditions such as mental health and addictions believe the first step in the ... Read more

3 days ago by The Interior Journal.

Grading political leaders through pandemic – Trump gets an F, while Beshear gets a B so far

By AL CROSS As we approach a crucial election, it’s time to think about the sort of leaders we want and need at all levels ... Read more

2 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

Breast cancer awareness has never been easier

This month, the world stands together to increase global awareness for breast cancer. The single most common cancer for women besides lung cancer, breast cancer ... Read more

3 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

Voters should think about their school board choices

  My Fellow Lincoln County Voters:   Before you allow any School Board candidate to put a sign in your yard, please ask if they ... Read more

3 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

An organ donor truly gave my family the gift of life

My family celebrated my dad’s birthday last weekend. In most ways, it was a typical birthday celebration. In other ways, it was very special. This ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Jeff Moreland.

Reader says Trump campaign is distracting voters

Dear Editor, Trump and the GOP are running on a campaign of “law and order.” They claim that if Biden is elected, violence will break ... Read more

1 month ago by The Interior Journal.

Finding fun with my COVID masks

Almost everywhere you look, you’ll see someone wearing a mask these days, and that’s a good thing. You’ve probably heard more than one person complain ... Read more

2 months ago by Jeff Moreland.

Living – It’s worth the risk!

By Bob Russell Guest columnist I have a brother who lives in Northern Kentucky. He’s three years younger than I, and we’ve been close since ... Read more

2 months ago by The Interior Journal.

Back to school like never before

KENTUCKY TODAY The first day of school meets some with excitement and others with dread. As teachers, administrators, staff and students head back to school, ... Read more

3 months ago by The Interior Journal.

Remembering Scottie Ernst

Two years ago I sat on Scottie and Debbie Ernst’s porch – a beautiful porch that I had passed many times driving down Main Street. ... Read more

3 months ago by Abigail Whitehouse.

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