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Trip to civil rights museum one worth taking

As we prepare to observe the 92nd birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I find myself reflecting on a trip that taught me ... Read more

3 days ago by Jeff Moreland.

Girdler provides legislative session update

The Kentucky General Assembly has officially gaveled in for the 2021 Regular Session. Our first official few days back in Frankfort have been productive. Diligent ... Read more

1 week ago by The Interior Journal.

Talking with students about Jan. 6, 2021

Throughout the course of my education career, I have engaged in numerous discussions on how and if schools should discuss and teach controversial topics with ... Read more

2 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

Lessons from the quarantine: Aren’t you glad 2020 is over?

By Albert Earley After Christmas I heard countless people ask, “Aren’t you glad 2020 is over?” The appropriate response is to nod your head in ... Read more

2 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

Study raises concern over Kentuckians with chronic conditions, COVID

By Ben Chandler President/CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky A new state-by-state comparison of the nation’s health ranks Kentucky near the bottom in ... Read more

3 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

Canceling student debt: Point/counterpoint

Point: Canceling student debt by presidential decree is wrong on many levels By Neal McCluskey If you lent someone money to start a business that ... Read more

3 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

Reader wants stolen sign returned

Dear Editor, Just a few days ago, I was saddened to find that a road sign that I purchased from the highway department had been ... Read more

4 weeks ago by The Interior Journal.

An investment worth making

Since the arrival of COVID-19, the world has become a different place. Public events have been canceled, restaurants and other businesses have seen changes to ... Read more

1 month ago by Jeff Moreland.

Proposed solutions to the current student loan conundrum raise interesting issues

President-Elect Biden and other Democrats have proposed a number of changes to the student loan program as well as funding for college tuition. Perhaps the ... Read more

1 month ago by The Interior Journal.

It’s becoming clearer that churches are essential

Governor Andy Beshear has once again drawn criticism for his response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the commonwealth. Recently the governor requested that churches voluntarily ... Read more

1 month ago by The Interior Journal.

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